Get a photo of Santa in your house

As you know, sometimes human cameras can sometimes be too slow to catch Santa when he’s in your house but Eva & Elvin have special magical elf cameras which can get a photo of Santa in your house!

Unfortunately, elves can’t read street addresses so they won’t know which houses want a photo and which houses don’t so they need you to take a photo of your room with all your decorations and christmas tree ready.  You can upload that photo to our site here and when the elves are there with Santa they will recognise your house and take a photo of Santa just for you!

You can even tell them where you want Santa to stand in your photo.

The elves will then make sure you get your photo exactly the way you want it and they will email it to you as soon as it’s done so you have a photo of Santa in your house to enjoy with your kids on Christmas morning!