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Santa’s Elves Develop Super Sonic Tech:

Santa to be photographed all over the globe silencing sceptics and bewitching believers.

Scooping all the tech giants just in time for Christmas, Santa’s Elves have once again reached dazzling heights in innovation with their project Santa Was In My House 2.0.

Project manager Elvin explains that their new super-fast-semi-enchanted camera can catch the “Speed of Santa”. This development marks their greatest advancement since 1350 when the Elves moved from their ancient methods of slowing time to much more efficient acceleration techniques to handle massive population growth.

Eva, the new technology’s leading expert will travel with Santa this season photographing him as he travels all over the world. In an apparent sleight of hand she will snap him in kitchens, sitting rooms, pantrys and bedrooms producing hundreds and thousands of magical images for children to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Their faces will beam as they see evidence of Santa leaving presents in their own home. And it’s so easy to arrange with Eva and Elvin, who are always happy to help you use their website

It’s as simple as asking parents to send them a photo of a room in the house that Santa will be visiting so they recognise it when they arrive. You can even tell them where you want Santa to stand! Your photograph will be available straight away to enthrall the kids on Christmas morning.

Although we will never really know, some say that Santa’s Elves are children who never grow up but instead live their lives full of imagination, curiosity and innovation unique to young people all over the world. One thing we do know for sure is that Santa has a very special place in his heart for Children.

Elvin, being of Irish origin requested that each photograph taken of Santa in houses all over the world should support the Irish Children’s Charity Barnardos so €1 from each purchase will be donated to this wonderful charity.

The photos cost €4.99 with €1 of this going to Barnardos. More details are available from or follow us on facebook

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