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Photoshop a Santa? No!

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

My 10 year old was having doubts about old Mr. Clause.  I found out about your website from a friend and began setting the scene for our photo.

I printed it and put it in his stocking.  Santa wrote a note providing the photo as proof.

He was still a little skeptical until he remarked to the whole room that he knew it was real because MOM wasn’t that good at photoshop…. hahahahahhahahahahhaa.

And we began our celebration…


Santa left a photo in our house!

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

We had a great Christmas morning.  “Santa” left the photo near the presents and my daughter Holly’s (aged 4 and a half at the time) reaction was priceless.  She showed us saying “Look mummy Santa took a picture of him leaving our presents!” with total awe and wonderment in her eyes.

I will definitely be doing it again this year and would highly recommend it!!



Photo of Santa for our kids

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

We have three young kids (then 9, 7 and 5).

Our youngest boy asked us whether Santa would leave us a picture of Rudolf in our house.  This got us thinking and then we found your site.

My wife and I had great fun making the photo up and then moving Santa around to see where we would make him fit.  We left the photo with his things on Christmas morning and it was absolutely magical.  To see his eyes light up as he found the photo and then when he saw our Christmas tree in the background he was completely blown away.

His older brother and sister were checking it out to see if it was real, but they were completely convinced too.   Everyone who came to our house was shown the photo and it was the best present of the year.

The other great thing was that it strengthened his belief in Santa, who could doubt it when he has a photo of Santa in our living room!

Great job guys,


Proof of Santa!

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Our magical photo was left by the empty ‘Cookies for Santa plate’ to be discovered by the children in the morning…

My 5 and 9 year-olds were surprised and delighted (and ‘shocked that I caught him in the act)! This was a perfect addition to our Christmas traditions, especially since it put another huge element of magic into the season…  My nine-year-old is still a “believer” thanks to this “proof”!!!

Thank you so much for this fun, creative and magical idea.   We enjoyed it immensely and cannot wait for a new photo this year from Mr. C himself…

Holiday wishes


Hidden Camera?

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

I made a big deal of setting up my camera on Christmas eve night to see if we could catch a picture of Santa when he arrived.  I had everything set up on my camera.

The next morning I said nothing about the camera, but as we took photos during the morning I invited the children to look at them with me, and lo and behold there it was!

Cue big gasps from me as we “discovered” the picture our secret camera had captured.  The kids were thrilled!


We loved this idea…

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

We loved this idea (last Christmas) and thought it would be great to make the day more special and more “believable” for our kids.

Our eldest was seven last year and was asking lots of questions about Santa so we decided an actual photo of him in our living room would make it more real for her!

On Christmas morning, after the excitement of opening all the presents, we asked the kids to see what was in the envelope on the table by the fireside.  They ran over and opened it and screamed louder than they had when they opened their presents earlier that morning!  They couldn’t believe that they were looking at Santa in our house putting something in one of their stockings.

This photo has given our family a great memory / keepsake to have and to continue for a few more years to come.

Thank you!

The O’Malley’s