Photo of Santa for our kids

We have three young kids (then 9, 7 and 5).

Our youngest boy asked us whether Santa would leave us a picture of Rudolf in our house.  This got us thinking and then we found your site.

My wife and I had great fun making the photo up and then moving Santa around to see where we would make him fit.  We left the photo with his things on Christmas morning and it was absolutely magical.  To see his eyes light up as he found the photo and then when he saw our Christmas tree in the background he was completely blown away.

His older brother and sister were checking it out to see if it was real, but they were completely convinced too.   Everyone who came to our house was shown the photo and it was the best present of the year.

The other great thing was that it strengthened his belief in Santa, who could doubt it when he has a photo of Santa in our living room!

Great job guys,


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