When will Santa be here?

December 23rd, 2014

The earliest sign that Santa is coming comes just after bedtime.  So kids, make sure to listen to your parents about the right time to get into bed!

When you’re all tucked up in bed close your eyes tight and listen very very carefully.  If you’re lucky you’ll hear bells ringing outside your house – those are the reindeer bells telling you that Santa is nearby and on his way . . .

Now get to sleep!!!

Cookies & Biscuits for Santa

December 2nd, 2014

Santa’s wife is very strict about what Santa eats, because she wants him to be fit and well delivering all those presents, so that he doesn’t miss any houses!  She makes him eat lots of fruit and vegetables and no sweets or chocolate or biscuits when he’s at home . . . but whenever he’s away from home he likes to eat all of those things, so he loves when you leave out cookies for him to nibble on.

But because he knows Mrs. Claus would be very angry, he only eats half the biscuits and leaves the rest behind on the plate!!

Photoshop a Santa? No!

December 2nd, 2014

My 10 year old was having doubts about old Mr. Clause.  I found out about your website from a friend and began setting the scene for our photo.

I printed it and put it in his stocking.  Santa wrote a note providing the photo as proof.

He was still a little skeptical until he remarked to the whole room that he knew it was real because MOM wasn’t that good at photoshop…. hahahahahhahahahahhaa.

And we began our celebration…


We loved this idea…

November 19th, 2014

We loved this idea (last Christmas) and thought it would be great to make the day more special and more “believable” for our kids.

Our eldest was seven last year and was asking lots of questions about Santa so we decided an actual photo of him in our living room would make it more real for her!

On Christmas morning, after the excitement of opening all the presents, we asked the kids to see what was in the envelope on the table by the fireside.  They ran over and opened it and screamed louder than they had when they opened their presents earlier that morning!  They couldn’t believe that they were looking at Santa in our house putting something in one of their stockings.

This photo has given our family a great memory / keepsake to have and to continue for a few more years to come.

Thank you!

The O’Malley’s

Get a photo of Santa in your house this Christmas!

October 10th, 2014

This is all very exciting…

We are working on the last bits and pieces of the site to make sure all the boys and girls around the world can get a special photo of Santa delivering their presents this Christmas Eve!